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Pilgrimage to Shatrunjaya

  At the pilgrimage site of Shatrunjaya, near Palitana, more than 900 temples crown the summit of a pair of hills. Each temple enclosure is named after the merchant who funded it. A young Jain man at Shatrunjaya explains:  “Many of the Jains were wealthy traders and merchants, and they would use their wealth for […]

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I love India!

India is a place that you either love it or hate it, but most people I’ve come across, Westerners included, love it. I love India. It can be irritating at times, when you can’t sort out just simple things, but that’s part of it. You can’t just come for a week or two, you need […]

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Links with Lajpur

Many of the elders around Lajpur worked on the railway line to Surat, so had that connection with the British, and then they went to England to work in textiles. My father visited England, but he didn’t like the weather there, living in a small house and having to be inside all the time. So […]

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Madhapuris are big travellers

People from Madhapur are very broadminded. They were the first to go to Africa, the first to go on to the UK. You name it, they went there. Then people like my great grandfather from Sukhpar (near Madhapur in Kutch) followed them. They all went in small boats from ports like Jamnagar and Mandvi, and […]

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Pipaldara to Bradford – via Mombasa!

I’m from Pipaldara, near Surat in Gujarat, where there are many people of the Khalifa community. In the old days our main job was cutting hair. Now people do different jobs: some are farmers, some are agricultural labourers with sugar cane, some are weavers and some still cut hair. They commute to the nearby town, […]

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